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    What ways can I withdraw?

    Currently withdraws are made thru PayPal and Payza.

    How much do I need to withdraw my earnings?

    Clix N Hitz uses a stepped payout system. Meaning depending on the step you are at and payment gateway chosen will be the determined amount needed to make a withdraw.

    Where do I find the amount needed to withdraw?

    Inside your account/members page inside the upper right box you will find a withdraw link. There you will be shown the min needed to make a withdraw on the payment gateways available.

    When are payouts made?

    Withdraw requests are processed on a weekly basis and be completed every Friday. You MUST have requested your withdraw by 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time Thursday in order to receive payment that Friday.

    Reached Min Amount But Can't Withdraw?

    Free members must click 100 ads before being allowed to make any withdraws. Upgraded members only need to click 50 ads before can make any withdraws.

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