HitsWall Now On Clix N Hitz PTC/GPT Website!

Get Paid To Click Ads And Complete Offers Using HitsWall!

When members of Clix N Hitz PTC/GPT Program visit the earnings section of their accounts, they will now have the option of yet another OfferWall to Earn Real Cash from.

HitsWall is a OfferWall provided by ScriptsDoneRight (SDR) Owner: Noroc Marius-Mihai. We here at Clix N Hitz thought it would be a good idea to add this offerwall to our script seeing how our site uses the SDR3.1Pro script.

75% Shared Commissions Are Given To Our Paid To Click Members!

That is right! As with all of our offerwalls on Clix N Hitz we give 75% of the earnings earned from your participation in these Offers. We keep 25% for offering you these extra options to Earn Money Online thru our PTC/GPT Site. We also are using the funds made from your efforts to help grow Clix N Hitz and make it more stable for the years to come.

More Updates: Make sure to check members account to see if you been awarded with a free upgrade. Also check the contests being ran. These are smaller contests for now to make sure everything is working properly. As the site matures we will offer bigger rewards for these contests.

So, what are you waiting for? Log into your members account or sign-up for free today. Start getting paid to do the things you been doing online already.

Thank you all for being a member and trying our services out.

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