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Now, Members Get Paid Even More On Clix N Hitz PTC/GPT Website.

That’s right. We have made some changes to our paid to click program. These changes will allow members to earn more money and new members/advertisers credits to try out our advertising offers. Come join our PTC/GPT website at

OfferWalls: We have several offerwalls available for our members to earn extra cash in their accounts. All of these programs are from a third party. Meaning Clix N Hitz posts their offers on our PTC/GPT Site for our members to participate in. Clix N Hitz is then compensated with the earnings from your activity. We at Clix N Hitz shares this revenue in a 75-25% ratio. This means our members are paid 75% of the earnings we make from these offerwalls and keeps 25% to offset costs and invest in growing

Lottery: The lottery you will find inside your members account has been updated. This update was only to the winning amounts given to the winners drawn. The current lottery available was not affected nor costs of tickets changed. If you had purchased your ticket already it is still there you just have a chance at a bigger cash reward now.

Memberships: You will find that the memberships have increased in their earnings now. If not you may check them out by clicking here. Clix N Hitz is still giving out FREE upgrades to active members that are completing tasks and promoting their referral links.

Continue reading for further updates about the site.

As for other updates about Clix N Hitz PTC/GPT website there has been a few things added around the site. You may notice when requesting a payout there is added information to inform our members. The information is when payouts are made as well as their deadline to submit for payment that week. You will see this information in our Payment Proof page as well as the Help section of the site.

You will find our refund policy in our T.O.S as on the Advertising page. We here at Clix N Hitz are trying to make sure all of it’s members and advertisers have all the information they need in the area which it may be needed.

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