More OfferWalls and PTC Site Updates!

Greetings to members and visitors. Hope all is well with everyone. Today’s post is about some new things added to our PTC/GPT site along with few updates.

First off, Clix N Hitz has added a couple more OfferWalls to the site. These offerwalls will allow you to earn more money into your membership accounts after you have clicked the PTC ads.

Depending on the country you live and other aspects will be determined on how many and what type of offers will be made available. USA members will have some of the most offers available with some pretty good earnings.

Moving on. Weekly Payouts have been made. They will continue to be made on a weekly basis we have in place right now. This information on payments can be found in the help section of the site. ( )

Clix N Hitz is now giving more Ad Credits to new members when they join to test out our services. We also are continuing to give FREE Upgraded Memberships to those of you that are staying active and referring new members.

We continue to ask our active members to stay in contact us with any question, concerns, suggestions, or errors they have so we may address things as soon as possible.

Lastly, remember to take screen shots of your Payment Proofs and share them across your favorite forums, blogs, or websites. Make sure to attach your Affiliate Banner or referring link so you may build your downline and earn even more cash on our PTC/GPT Website.

Have a great day and happy clicking!

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