Mysql Database Error After Clicking PTC Ads.

First would like to thank the members who have been contacting to inform us when a issue is on the site. This helps us correct the issue faster as we try to test the site each week that things are working we don’t catch everything or somethings change as we continue to make changes too.

There was a error within the tables of our database when clicking on the fixed ads it seems if tied into the site within. This error seems to be caused by SDR3.1 pro script. When they updated to the current version and added the addons in this version their installer don’t handle those addons so they were incomplete at parts.

We have since corrected these issues within the script. You should no longer get the errors when clicking. If you discover any other errors please continue to contact us so we may resolve them as quickly as possible.

Thank you for being apart of Clix N Hitz there will be another update in a couple days about some new things added to the site.

Happy Clicking!

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