What Has Been Going On? Clix N Hitz Update.

Hello hope all is well and good with everyone. Some of you may have seen the site show up as having a Aurora SDR License suspension. This was caused by a mistake made when making changes to the site after migrating over onto Easyclouds Servers. This error or mistake if want to call it has been corrected as can see the site is live again. If curious if what is being said is true you may check they Clix N Hitz site using SDR Key Check and enter in clixnhitz.com

Moving on. We have been giving out random FREE Upgraded Memberships. In order for your account to catch the attention to earn a random upgrade you will need to be a active member of Clix N Hitz and have referred at least 5 members using your affiliate links. Some of the benefits of the upgraded account are you will have more ads available to earn more money from, be able to have more referrals in your downline, increases your chances of winning cash clicking in the ClixGrid, and of course be able to cashout or request your payments sooner. If you are wanting to upgrade your membership without trying to earn it for FREE you may check out the options available by clicking Here

Blog coming soon. We will be adding a blog using the WordPress Blogging Platform. We wanted to use a blog over a forum cause everyone has a forum these days on their sites. Now I know it is good for members to communicate with each other but we have a in site messaging system which will allow you to do the same thing with each other. There are also many forums out there in the web that you may join and open up better opportunities for you as well. Not just here on Clix N Hitz but any other PTC/GPT Program you may be a part of. We will be replacing this news section with that blog. This will allow us to keep members updated still while giving us more ways we can make posts that may help each of you in growing your downlines and earning more on all of the programs you are apart of.

Payouts: We verified the payout system is working as we have had a payout request. As per our terms payouts are being made on a weekly basis done on every Friday. You must have your payout request submitted by 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time Thursday to receive your payment that week. Since we are a New Paid To Click (PTC) Website we do ask that when receive your payments you take a screenshot of your payments and share the proof at the forums you are apart of or your blogs etc.. Remember to attach your affiliate links to the posts as well so it helps you in getting you more referrals in your downline here at Clix N Hitz. You may check payment proofs here too by visiting Payment Proofs Also, you may find answers to payout questions here: FAQ/Help

Contact/Support: If need support or wanting to contact us please do so by email using [email protected] or you may use the contact link here on the site.

Don’t forget too that you may now use over 100 different Crypto Coins to make purchases or upgrades. Just select CoinPayments when checking out.

Happy Clicking!

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