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Hello and again thanks for visiting the site. If you already signed up for your account thanks for that too. Need to sign-up for your account? Just click the Sign-up link above or you may login using FaceBook.

As you can tell Clix N Hitz is a Brand New PTC/GPT Rewards Website. When you create your FREE Account you will find a few ways you can start earning right away.

Now, like I said this is a new site. We are in the starting stages of everything. The script we are starting out with is the Aurora SDR3.1Pro and just had moved off SDRHost over to EasyCloud Hosting. There is a difference in how this is handled so you may find a few little glitches as we work them all out.

As of right now we know that there is a issue with the mailing system. Because of this there has been another contact form installed to make do until the issue is worked out. Also, you might notice a warning in the final stage of making a purchase. This is do to a chainblock addon. Do not mind this message as the option to purchase in Bitcoin from the website is disabled right now. If you would like to make a purchase using Bitcoin you may do so through Payza where we already been approved and everything set-up. Paypal is also verified for making purchases.

If like to use another Crypto Coin please feel free to send a message through the contact page and we can discuss options at that time.

Right now the focus of the site is to make sure everything is working properly and get everything in order. That is why we are only doing a soft launch on a few rotators right now. You may promote and start to refer people if you wish too. Once everything is checked to be working and see all the payouts are working right and members are Getting Paid then we will begin to invest more into advertising the site.

So, what are you waiting for? Create your account now or if you have then go ahead and log in. Check out what is all inside and the many ways you can Start Earning Real Cash Today!

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